A kitchen full of grease is not pleasing to any restaurant owner. First, the air inside your kitchen can be polluted so working is not comfortable. Second, it violates local health regulations in your area. Lastly, grease is the main cause of a restaurant fire.

Luckily, degreasing can be done to ensure the safety of your restaurant. There are a lot of kitchen cleaning operators offering their services of degreasing. You can hire them to make sure of a proper degreasing in your kitchen.

Ways of degreasing your restaurant


Depending on your usage, your kitchen cleaning contractor may recommend doing both to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen systems. For example, they may recommend scraping once a month and pressure washing at least once in three months.

How to keep your kitchen surfaces clean and hygienic

  1.   Cleaning Food Prep Areas

These areas can get the dirtiest the quickest. Even if the rest of your kitchen is clean and spotless if you’re cutting boards, countertops are covered in crumbs; your kitchen is still considered dirty. Keep cutting boards clean and available at all times. For your countertops, use a food brush to sweep solid food matter away first then spray with water and use a sponge to remove the remaining grease or food stains.

  1.   Cleaning windows and other glass surfaces

These surfaces can get dirty from handprints and smoke that can stick to them. Make sure to clean every glass, multiple times a day. Clean windows and glasses can also help you attract more customers.

  1.   Cleaning tables and other surfaces

These areas are also prone to dirt. If your tables are not well cleaned, greases and other grimes can stick to them which can cause health problems for your customers. Always keep in mind to clean the tables regularly with a clean sponge to avoid contamination across the dining area.

Accumulation of grease can be prevented if you cooperate with your kitchen cleaning experts. By doing your part in maintaining the cleanliness of your restaurant, your cleaning contractors will not also have a hard time accomplishing their jobs.