NFPA-96 Standard requires an exhaust fan hinge kit for rooftop ventilators. It is stated particularly in section 8.1.1, “approved upblast fans with motors surrounded by the airstream shall be hinged.” A hinged exhaust fan is safer and easier to clean.

Installation of exhaust fan hinge kits makes it easy to clean the exhaust fan and eliminate the risk of fan damage to components. If the fan is not hinged, proper cleaning and inspection becomes difficult and may result in premature damage to the exhaust fan, motor housing, and the roof. In fact, many insurance companies are now requiring hinge kits on fans because it decreases liability.

What are the risks of not installing an exhaust fan hinge kit?

  1.   If you install a regular kind of fan and not one with a hinge, it can be difficult to tell if the fan is broken. Also, if cleaning is not done properly, this can lead to dirty kitchen area which is not good for you and your customers.
  2.   An ordinary fan when broken or when running poorly may need a lot of money for repairs. An improperly maintained ventilation system could also put your business at risk of violating the NFPA standard.
  3.   If you do not install an exhaust fan hinge kit, you are exposing yourself to financial risk because insurance companies require the installation of these.

Types of Hinge Kits

Below are some of the types of hinge kits you can use in your commercial kitchen.

  1.   L-bar Hinge Kits

This type of hinge kit is the least expensive. It keeps the fan open without chains. Installation requires 2 to 3 inches of space on the back or side of the curb. L-bar hinge kits are further classified as a standard duty or heavy duty depending on the size of the fan bases and weights.

  1.   Driploc Hinge Kits

This type of hinge kit can be installed on almost any exhaust fan. Chains attached to the fan to keep it open. Driploc hinge kits are also classified into two: the standard hinge and the oversized hinge.

  1.   Omni Super Hinge

Of all the types of hinge kits available, this is the most durable, and reliable. It has a lifetime warranty to extend the life of your exhaust fan. It is also subdivided into two kinds namely, the standard version and the quick fit version.

How to install exhaust fan hinge kit

Due to the protection, it gives to your kitchen exhaust fans, installing hinge kits is necessary. However, you need professionals to do the job. Your kitchen cleaning operator may offer you several models of exhaust fan hinge kits. Installation can be performed on your next scheduled cleaning and inspection date. Most of the kitchen-cleaning operators offer this service so choosing a contractor for the job will not be hard.

Paying attention to your kitchen exhaust fans is also a part of being a responsible owner. When your exhaust fans work are cleaned and maintained properly, a cooler and a more comfortable kitchen environment is present.