Recent studies show that one of three fires in the United States is caused by restaurant fire. It is important to follow safety procedures to avoid the occurrence of such events. A fire will not only burn your investment, but it can also take lives.

Commercial kitchens are at high risk of fire due to the factors present in the- open flames, cooking equipment, electrical connections, a hot kitchen environment, and paper products.

Below are some of the steps you can take to prevent a restaurant fire.

  1.   Proper systems

Have fire extinguishers ready in case of small, non-grease fires. You need a Type K extinguisher on hand near the grill or fryer to help put out cooking oil fires. You also need to have overhead fire suppression systems as part of your emergency safety measure for kitchen fires. Conduct proper staff training on the proper use of these to achieve best results.

  1.   System inspection

The fire suppression system installed in your restaurant is required to undergo inspection as part of your security measures. The NFPA standard requires system inspection at least twice a year.

  1.   Vent hood and grease trap cleaning

Always have your vent hoods cleaned and maintained as these are the places where grease is accumulated. Grease may ignite and can cause a fire. Keep the grease traps cleaned and give them a thorough cleaning with your kitchen cleaning professionals.

  1.   Keep the kitchen clean

Hair, cigarette butts and loose clothing are easy kindling for small fires. Keep the working area clean of any debris and trash. Maintain cleanliness all throughout the area to avoid any unwanted fire incidents.