Restaurants have all the necessary factors for a fire to flame out of control. Some of these are open flames, cooking equipment, electrical connections, a hot kitchen environment, and paper products. It would be a great disaster for a business owner to experience such an unfortunate accident. It could mean a great loss of fortune for the business or worse, closure of the business venture.

What is needed for a fire to start?

There are three contributing factors that must be present in order for a fire to start. These are heat, oxygen or air, and fuel. Removing one or more factors can avoid fire.

Common Causes of Restaurant Fires

  1.   Cooking equipment

According to NFPA, from 2010-2014, approximately 61% of restaurant fires in America are caused primarily by cooking- with cooking equipment as the main cause. It makes sense that cooking equipment results in the most number of fires and property damage for restaurants since it is a constant source of heat and fuel throughout the working day.

  1.   Electrical distribution and lighting equipment

Frayed electrical cords or faulty equipment are more likely to spark and cause an electrical fire inside your restaurant. It is important to check your electrical wirings with a professional to ensure safety and compliance in building codes.

  1.   Heating equipment

Deep fryers deal with hot oil and grease more than any other piece of cooking equipment. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your heating equipment are helpful to prevent misuse which can lead to a restaurant fire.

  1.   Smoking materials

Fires caused by cigarettes account for 1,000 deaths in the U.S every year. Most restaurant fires are started by embers igniting on furniture and trash cans. It can be prevented by proper staff training.

  1.   Arson

Arson or the intentional burning of the restaurant is the last contributing 7%.